Endura Ultimate Lite Astragal Field Kit


Kit contains the necessary components to create a seamless appearance on the header and sill and to ensure smooth engagement with the astragal bolts.

Ultimate Lite Astragal – Field Installation – Outswing

Ultimate Lite Astragal – Field Installation – Inswing


Bronze, White


Return Policy: 60 Days



Installing and replacing components of the Ultimate Lite Astragal System in the field is simple with the Endura Ultimate Lite Astragal Field Kit.

  • The header plate provides a polished appearance at the header for the upper bolt to lock into place
  • The lower bolt receiver protects the hole drilled in the sill system, ensuring a clean appearance and reliable performance over time
  • Available in Bronze and White finishes to match your astragal system

What’s included:

  • (1) Header Plate
  • (1) Bolt Receiver
  • Instructions

Where does it go?

  • The header plate is installed on the header of the door frame, allowing reinforcing the hole for the bolt pin
  • The bolt receiver is inserted into a drilled hole in the sill system for the astragal bolt pin

What does it do?

  • Both components reinforce and protect the holes into which the astragal locks.

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: RPAST-LITE-__-FP-__
  • Compatible with older Ultimate Lite Astragal Systems (available prior to November 2017)


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