French Door Astragals and Locks

What is an astragal? A French door astragal (also referred to as French door locks or double door T astragals), or the vertical strip that is placed in between your two french doors, is an essential part of ensuring your french door system stays secure and sealed. The right French door lock/astragal system will prevent your conditioned air from leaking out while keeping out outside elements, pests, light, and moisture.

If you see gaps between or under your french doors, you may be decreasing the energy efficiency of your home, and increasing any related costs. French door astragals also ensure your french doors are secure, with multiple locking points for your peace of mind. Our astragal systems are only compatible with 1-3/4″ door panel thickness.

Not sure which French door lock is right for your double door system? No problem, let us help! It is our mission to provide you with the perfect astragal for your french doors. We want to be able to turn your door into a BetterDoor.

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