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8″ FrameSaver Rot Repair Kit

Jamb Width

4-9/16", 6-9/16"

Package Size

1 pair, Retail Ready 5-Pair Pack

(6 customer reviews)

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FrameSaver Bottoms provide your door frame lasting protection and uncompromised durability.

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Starting at: $20.00

Product Overview


FrameSaver Bottoms provide your door frame lasting protection and uncompromised durability. Replace the damaged portion of your door jamb with the FrameSaver Jamb Bottom and never have to worry about door frame rot again.

• Features a composite base that is connected to wood in a finger-jointed pattern.
• FrameSaver’s composite bottom never warps, wicks, molds or rots and even resists insects.
• Delivers lasting maintenance-free protection.


What’s included:

  • (1) LH 8” FrameSaver Bottom
  • (1) RH 8” FrameSaver Bottom

Where does it go?

  • These pieces are fastened to the bottom of the door frame, adjacent to the sill system

What does it do?

  • The composite bottom, which is finger-jointed to the wood, protects your door frame from warping and rotting
  • These bottoms finish and paint like wood, allowing you to match this piece to existing jamb finishes.

Product details

  • Available in 4-9/16” or 6-9/16” widths to match the most common jamb widths
  • “Retail Ready Pack” includes 5 pairs of 8” Jamb Bottoms and retail packaging for you to display all 5.


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for 8″ FrameSaver Rot Repair Kit

  1. bettyhouser

    Was so glad to find these kits. My husband has been trying to repair our old, rotted wood door frames for a while, but was only able to find full-size door frames or full composite. We didn’t want to pay for a full frame, as only the bottom few inches were rotted, and we didn’t want full composite. These pieces were the perfect size for the job and we are very pleased.

  2. Larry

    These are a quality product and great idea! They included clear instructions for installation with an existing threshold. Wish there were instructions on how to install in conjunction with a new threshold. I also wish they were like 9 or 10 inches tall as I cut the rot out of my door frame a little too high.

  3. Gary L. Kaufman

    It was as as advertised. The instructions were clear but you need to have some skill in woodworking to cut out for the threshold section. Remember measure twice and cut once as there may not be enough of a stud to make a second cut. It is true that it could be longer in some cases. We will see how it does in about 15 years!

  4. Joe

    Glad I found these kits Never have to worry about rotted door frames again. I’d like to see complete door frames. Fairly easy to install, really like this product.

  5. Ross

    Well done. Arrived quickly, easy to install and looked great. Great price also

  6. JerryK

    The perfect fix for a rotted basement door frame. I cut off the bad section with a plunge cut saw and used construction adhesive to bind the new section as I did not want to try and drive nails into the cement blocks. Came out great. Will definitely use these again as needed.

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