Endura Z-Series Adjustable Inswing Cap Sill

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Z-Series Composite Door Sills are simply the best sills on the market. The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills.

Installation of a Replacement Threshold Instructions

Package Size

Contractor Pack (10 pieces), 1 piece


Return Policy: 60 Days



Z-Series Composite Door Sills are simply the best sills on the market. The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills. The Endura Z-Series family of sills provides modularity within components, allowing you to upgrade your system as your needs change.

Built to last, the advanced all-composite substrate and streamlined synthetic cap mean no rotting, warping, or deteriorating over time. Screw covers keep debris out for easy adjustment anytime and prevent exposure to unsightly rusted screws.

*While we know it’s fun to door-it-yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to replace your sill system. This product is recommended for uninstalled doors and professional use only.

This product does not qualify for expedited shipping.

What’s included:

  • (1) 36.5” or 74.25” Sill

Where does it go?

  • This system is located directly under the door panel and fastened to the two side jambs.

What does it do?

  • The sill cap enables easy adjustment to form a proper seal against the bottom of the door for optimal sealing and performance.
  • Cap plugs cover and protect the adjustment screws, ensuring the durability of the screws
  • Continuous substrate surface that can be cut down to meet your opening

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: ZAIL___


Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Endura Z-Series Adjustable Inswing Cap Sill

  1. Warren Richter

    Replaced old rotted sill perfectly

  2. Jim Acri

    Good product. Quality built. Easy to install.

  3. David Susan

    This was the perfect product to replace the rotted sill on the side door of our house.

  4. Matthew D

    The blue and orange big box stores can’t compete with those cheap thresholds that they sell. Just about every one of them has a wood component that is bound to rot with any moderate exposure to moisture. Not only does the composite component of this product offer rot resistance due to the inorganic nature of it, it makes for once study filler that I could jump up and down on all day without breaking. Add the adjustment feature and you can fit this in any doorway without having to worry about the longevity of the threshold.

  5. Mark Laurent

    Quality product and quick shipped. The only way to go if I have to replace an another exterior threshold.

  6. Gene Milford

    Replacing a rotted sill. Disappointed with the size of the text on the instructions. Couldn’t find a larger print of the instructions on line either. I think the product will last, if I got the install correct. It appears that the intent to secure the sill to the floor is to rely on some basic caulk and wedging it under the door frame. Can’t go with that. Needed a little trimming to fit properly, but what doesn’t. Expecting long life.

  7. Laurence Hendrick

    Very high quality piece, looks great and should last a long time. I combined the sill with new casing frame savers so the install was relatively easy. One issue: the removable adjustable cap is a bit too high for my existing door which is steel and not easy to cut down. Not sure if I can ever fit the sill with cap under the door. Has to reuse the original sill for now. Will search for a solution.

  8. Chris Marino

    Worked perfectly. Replaced rotted old sill. Very impressed by quality of product. Easy to install.

  9. MikeP

    The right piece delivered quicker than expected. Looks greats works perfect

  10. Matthew D

    I installed this last year to replace a beat up old threshold that was probably decades old. Now that I’ve gone through all seasons with this installed (Northeast US), I can safely say that there’s no rot, mold or degradation of any sort. It’s a solid product and doesn’t flex or warp. It’s definitely worth the cost.

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