Endura Z-Series Cap Plugs

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The Endura Z-Series Cap Plugs protect the adjustment screws in your Z-Series Sill Cap from water, dirt, and debris to ensure adjustability over time.

Z-Series Cap Plug Replacement Instructions


Black, Castle Oak, Dark Walnut, Gray

Castle Oak
Dark Walnut

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The Endura Z-Series Cap Plugs protect the adjustment screws in your Z-Series Sill Cap from water, dirt, and debris to ensure adjustability over time. (Plug fits into a hole size of approximately 3/8″)

  • These patented sealing plugs hide unsightly adjustment screws and protect your sill cap’s adjustment mechanism
  • Offered in four colors to match the finish options available within the Z-Series family
  • Easy to install – simply align the cap plug with the hole in the cap and apply pressure to the top


What’s included:

  • (10) Z-Series Cap Plugs
  • or (5,000) Z-Series Cap Plugs

Where does it go?

  • These cap plugs are located within the Z-Series Adjustable Sill Cap above each adjustment screw housing.

What does it do?

  • Enhances appearance – cap plugs hide the unsightly adjustment screws on adjustable sill caps
  • Lasting protection – keeps dirt and water away from the adjustment mechanism to maintain adjustability over time

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: Z-HOLE-CVR-__


Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Endura Z-Series Cap Plugs

  1. Genie Owens

    Great! 5 stars

  2. Dexter Gantt

    Couldn’t find at a box store , perfect

  3. Jeannie Bourne

    The only place I could find this plug!

  4. Dave

    Just what I needed – couldn’t find these anywhere else. Reasonably priced, shipped quickly.

  5. Michael

    Fit perfect!!

  6. Lauren

    Exactly what I needed that I could not find locally. Quick shipment too!

  7. Steven Feldstein

    Worked better than the originals. Fantastic replacements

  8. gh

    Just what was needed—very good

  9. Thomas Pankonin

    These matched the original threshold plugs color and size perfectly.

  10. Lynn

    This company had just what I needed when I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

  11. Aubrey Durbin

    I have three exterior doors that had the adjustable sill caps & was missing some of these plugs & after contacting Home Depot & Lowes to see if they had any of these plugs & was told they didn’t I was able to locate your site & ordered a package of four to replace the missing & bad plugs so I was very well pleased that Better Door had these plugs available, in the future if I have any future ones that go bad I will certainly purchase some more .

  12. Bob

    Exactly what I Needed . Thanks.

  13. Nancy

    Exactly what I needed! Only place I could find this item….…….thanks betterdoor!

    Fast, speedy delivery too!

  14. Cindy S.

    Just what I’ve been looking for and couldn’t find anywhere else. Fast service and perfect fit. A small cost for something that has been aggravating me for a long time (the missing plug).

  15. Adam Zendejas

    perfect fit and color with quick shipping

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