Endura Z-Series Lineal Sills

The Z-Lineal Sill features the classic version of a full continuous extruded substrate for ultimate flexibility and custom fabrication.

It is important to maintain a strong seal between your sill cap and door to keep outside elements from entering your home. Our sill systems provide the most effective methods for preventing air and water infiltration.

Features & Benefits:

  • Infinite cuttability
  • Full-length caulking surface
  • Full-width support up to 5-5/8″
  • Fixed Convertible Inswing Cap
  • Integrated thermal break.

The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills. The Endura Z-Series family of sills provides modularity within components, allowing you to upgrade your system as your needs change.

Not sure which sill system is the best for you? No problem, let us help! It is our mission to provide you with the perfect sill kit for your doors. We want to be able to turn your door into a BetterDoor.

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