Endura ADA Series:

Prevent Sill Leaks with the ADAptive ADA Threshold

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) requires thresholds no taller than ½” with a 1:2 beveled slope. While there are plenty of ADA thresholds available that offer compliance, they’re known for one major performance issue: water leaks.

The ADAptive Sill System offers the first and only ADA compliant door sill that’s built to protect against water leaks and infiltration, while offering a level of modularity and options never seen with other ADA thresholds. Save time and cut repair costs by using an ADA sill designed to keep water out of your home.

Why Endura ADA Series?

  • Unmatched Performance Against Leaks: The ADAptive Sill Series combats common performance issues in two key areas. The first is an optional full-length caulking surface which helps installers provide a complete barrier against infiltration beneath the sill. The second is an innovative jamb boot that features a sealing beak that sits beneath the weatherstrip to block upward water pressure and resulting leaks. Together these features work to better protect the opening against leaks and resulting damage and protect you against costly repairs and replacements.
  • Flexibility and Modularity: The single-base design works with our removable and interchangeable standard (non-tileback), tileback, and sidelite caps. This allows you to switch your sill cap on the spot without needing to replace your entire sill system. We also offer 2” and 3” extenders for added flexibility, allowing you to put together the sill system you need.

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