Door Hardware & Parts Terminology

Active/Inactive Door Panel– referring to French Door and Hinged Patio Door Systems; it is the door adjacent to the main door in the system.  Inactive door is fixed while the active panel moves open and close.

Active Handset – Typically found on an exterior door, it is used to secure a door allowing key access from the exterior and locking/unlocking access from the interior thumb turn.

ADA Compliant– American Disabilities Act; meets their standards

Alumawood Astragal – a type of astragal made up of aluminum and wood components.

Astragal– An aluminum or wood (or combination of both) part that attaches to the fixed door panel.  It allows the fixed panel to attach to the top of the unit and into the sill when closed.  This can be unlatched to allow both panels to be opened at once.

Astragal Bolt – Portion inserted into the body of the astragal, slides up and down and locks into hole in the bottom of the unit.

Bumper Outswing– Bumper Outswing Sills afford ultimate protection in high exposure areas and under severe weather conditions. The seal produced by the Bumper Outswing increases with pressure against the door, creating a tough seal against air and water infiltration.

Cap – The portion of the seal that seals against the door bottom of an inswing unit.  Provides and gives overall height of the sill. These come in different materials, such as composite, aluminum, oak, and vinyl.

Corner Pad– Offers resilience, durability, and consistent compression, for lasting performance; provides seal in the bottom corner of both sides of the unit.  This is referred to as the “Critical Corner.”

Door Bottom –a plastic, wood, or aluminum part that is applied to the bottom of a door panel to allow the panel to seal against the sill of a door unit.  Also called a “sweep.”

Door Jamb – Wood frame that goes around the door to secure it in place

Dummy Handset – Handset does not engage/disengage a lock latch, but is mounted to match the appearance of the active door.

Escutcheon – decorative backplate surrounding the key cylinder hole and handle.

Flush Bolt– a unique locking mechanism that does not allow French doors to be forced open; injection-molded piece built into the astragal.

Floating Boot– located on the bottom of the Ultimate astragal, it lifts with the flush bolt and allows the door bottom to clear the threshold.

Handing – A term which describes or determines the direction of swing of a door when opening

Inactive Caps – Used for a fixed door, i.e. glass panel

Inswing– Door that opens into the house when the hinged door panel is open

Kerf –  Cut in the jamb where the weatherstrip is installed

Key Cylinder – component within a lock that engages/disengages the latch, typically from the exterior

Multi-Point Lock – Lock that offers multiple latching points, operated by one locking mechanism

Nosing – Located on the backside of the sill; usually has a rounded face or corner

Oak Adjustable– North American Oak thresholds, non-corroding adjustment mechanisms and the innovative bulb seal add to a proven product that will enhance the craftsmanship of a beautiful door.

Outswing– Door that opens out of the house when the hinged door panel is open

Primed– Primer applied as a base before painting

Sill– Horizontal door component at the bottom of the door system fixed under the door panel

Sill Cover– Provides ultimate protection for the sill/cap

Strike Plate – Metal plate installed on the door jamb to receive the bolt

Strike Retainers – a plastic piece to which strike and deadbolt plates are attached.

Strike Support – an aluminum extrusion used in Ultimate Astragals that hold the strike retainers.

Substrate – Portion supporting aluminum and is used to provide an area for stapling, screwing and caulking

Thermally Broken– Plastic cavity filled to create a break in the aluminum to prevent cold transfer and condensation inside the house.

Thumb-turn – turn piece that engages/disengages the latch

Thumb-turn Drive Handset – Interior handset has a thumb-turn, with a fixed lever while the exterior is completely fixed.

Trim Caps – plastic pieces used on various astragals.  These pieces are applied to the ends of the astragals in order to improve the cosmetic appearance of the astragal.  Some trim caps also provide for a seal against the header weatherstrip in the door unit.

Trim Plugs – small plastic pieces on various astragals.  These pieces are applied to the ends of the astragals in order to improve the cosmetic appearance of the astragal.

Veneer – thin film adhesively attached to product, making up the exposed face in a variety of finishes

Weatherstrip– A vinyl strip- loose or inserted into a mull or jamb part that provides an air tight seal around the door