Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System

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The revolutionary Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System features a comprehensive door sill that combines ingenuity and durability to seal your entry way door. The system offers a sill cap that never needs adjusting, integrates end-sealing abilities to account for real-world problems and a caulk-free application, providing you with an unmatched experience with your door.

The Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System stops leaks and air infiltration by auto-adjusting within the door unit, ultimately saving you time and money. Imperfect margins and surfaces that are not level don’t stand a chance!

Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System is the ultimate component and features protection and performance like no other.

*While we know it’s fun to door-it-yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to replace your sill system. This product is recommended for uninstalled doors and professional use only. 

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1 review for Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System

  1. Rick S Trujillo

    Looks like I am the first review. I have to preface my review with a short synopsis of why I purchased this Cap Sill. My Wife has been complaining about a draft in the house for 18 years. I did not feel it, She is always cold, I am always hot. So, I purchased the Z-articulating Cap Sill and the QEBD825 weather strip. The Door is outstanding, but I forgot to get the sweep, don’t forget to purchase it at the same time so you can get the free shipping with a larger purchase, I forgot and it cost me (big time). The bottom line is, the product is superior to anything you can get from the big box stores, and less expensive (as long as you don’t forget all of the pieces). I am doing all of the doors in my house, I am very impressed with the Customer Service, shipping is fast, and the product is top of the line. I would go on, but I have to work tomorrow. Good Luck, you will not be sorry with your purchase. I intend to add a Green section to my Solar blog, and will include and expand in detail how we installed the Cap Sill as painless as possible.

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