Endura Z-Series Bumper Outswing Cap Sill

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Z-Series Composite Door Sills are simply the best sills on the market. The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills. Modular components link together the Endura® Z-Series family of sills, allowing you the option to upgrade your system as your needs change.

Built to last, the advanced all-composite substrate and streamlined synthetic cap means no rotting, warping or deterioration over time.

Bumper Outswing Sills offer ultimate protection in high exposure areas and severe weather conditions. The seal produced by the Bumper Outswing increases with pressure against the door, creating a tough seal against air and water infiltration.

*While we know it’s fun to door-it-yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to replace your sill system. This product is recommended for uninstalled doors and professional use only. 

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What does it do?
Z-Series Composite Door Sills are simply the best sills on the market. The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills.
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Product details:
– Weatherstrip is preassembled into the cap to create a tighter seal against the door panel and eliminate water infiltration
– Composite substrate that won’t crack, warp or rot, designed for infinite cutability.
– Designed for outswing doors
– Available in a variety of length and finish options
– Endura Part Number: ZOBL____F__

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Endura Z-Series Bumper Outswing Cap Sill

  1. Terry Babbitt

    Excellent quality with a beautiful finish.

  2. Steven Sides

    Well designed and well made threshold! Nice finish!

  3. Kevin Knight

    Very good product quality with good seal design. This was a replacement for the same unit that was incorrectly installed by a professional contractor. New unit works great!

  4. Tim

    Arrived quickly and packages well. Was a direct replacement for a prehung double door from BetterDoor. only required some minor trimming for a seamless installation.

  5. Patrick Powell

    Nice product and made well. Just what I needed. Shipping was quick and customer service was very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone considering a purchase from them. I will check with first for any future needs.

  6. Matthew D

    I’ll preface this review by saying that I’m replicating a bit from my inswing threshold review, but when considering the similarities between the products, these details still apply.

    The blue and orange big box stores can’t compete with those cheap thresholds that they sell. Just about every one of them has a wood component that is bound to rot with any moderate exposure to moisture. Not only does the composite component of this product offer rot resistance due to the inorganic nature of it, it makes for once study filler that I could jump up and down on all day without breaking.

    In addition to what’s been said so far, I honestly couldn’t find a decent outswing threshold locally. I’ve got an old door that is in perfectly fine shape but had leaky bottom during those cold winter days. This threshold has a generously tall kerf-style weather strip that keeps an cold draft out.

  7. Dan H.

    A little pricey, but seem to be well made and durable. Time will tell. I did stuff the hollow ports in the plastic portion with fitted treated wood so that I had something to screw into when installing. I’m using these with the Menard’s Masdtercraft outswing doors that only come with the over threshold sweep and can’t get a bumper type threshold like these. These were delivered quickly and they cut very well with a carbide tipped 100 tooth blade.

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