Endura Fixed Vinyl Cap

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36.5", 74.25"

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Starting at: $15.00

Endura Fixed Vinyl Cap provides a streamlined vinyl cap surface to complete the look of your traditional sill system.

French Door
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Product Options


Return Policy: 60 Days

Starting at: $15.00

Product Overview


Endura Fixed Vinyl Cap provides a streamlined vinyl cap surface to complete the look of your traditional sill system.

• Durable vinyl construction to resist warping and rotting over time
• Available in two heights (Low Profile, High Profile or High Dam) to best replace your damaged cap and properly sealing the door system


What’s included:

  • (1) 36.5” or 74.25” sill cap

Where does it go?

  • This cap is fastened to the substrate and overlaps with the aluminum sill plate, sitting underneath the inswing door panel

What does it do?

  • The fixed cap creates a seal with the door sweep to protect against the air and water infiltration

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: RPCAP-RV-LP/HP/HD


Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Endura Fixed Vinyl Cap

  1. Jim K

    This threshold cap was hard to find. Glad I found Betterdoor. I was able to match the dimensions of my old cap to the dimensions in the product description. The cap was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks!

  2. Bill O

    I am so glad to find Betterdoor I had looked for a long time for this cap it was the same thing but better build thank you alot.

  3. Eric V

    I could not find this piece ANYWHERE !! Home Depot told me about this and I found the piece I needed. Only had to trim one section with a utility knife and it works just like the old one. Very pleased

  4. Dave L

    I have three Stanley metal clad pre-hung doors in my home., circa 2001. The rear door sill had cracked and needed be replaced. Stanley no longer makes this type of door and has no parts. After a lot of research, I found BetterDoor. The low profile fixed vinyl sill cap is a near perfect replacement. Actually the new part appears stronger, having a reinforcement rib under the sill that the original does not have. I am very pleased with your fixed sill cap, I saved a ton of money repairing the sill. Thanks

  5. Brian Cook

    I went to several local door companies to try to find this cap; none of the local companies could help me out and had no idea where to find this piece. I found it with my first google search! I ordered and installed the cap in about a 5 day period. The endurance cap was a perfect fit, I just needed to cut a few inches off the end. Now my doors are good as new. I definitely recommend this product, and Better Door!

  6. Scott Rinesmith

    I could not find this cap anywhere until I found Betterdoor! I went to Lowe’s who called the door manufacturer and they could not or would not help.

    Thank you Betterdoor.

  7. Marvin

    Replacement sill cap is a exact duplicate of original, so the fit was good. Unable to locate this item ANYWHERE locally.

  8. Kenny B

    Perfect replacement for the Fixed snap on vinyl cap used on Jeld-Wens doors 1-3/8″ height. Only difference is this one is tacked down to the threshold in the back versus the Jeld-Wen product snaps on in the back. Both products snap on on the front side. Order the 36″ and cut to the width you need. Jeld-Wen did not support multiple requests for replacement parts.

  9. Jason Payne

    I am just your average do it yourself homeowner. Went online and found betterdoor company. Found the sill cap. Had no idea if it would fit or not. Ordered it. It showed up in 4 days. Cut it and it fit perfectly. It was easier to install then it was to take the old 1 out. Thanks better door company.

  10. Kevin O’Shea

    As a window and door professional it is always great to find a company that is as customer service oriented as we are. The product and turn around times are great thanks. Kevin O

  11. Debbie Simnacher

    Could not find at local hardware stores.. Happy to find it online. Great quality! Much better than the the original model installed when the house was built. I highly recommend this company.

  12. Wayne

    Absolutely awesome. Saved me a bunch of money since I was going to hire a contractor to replace the entire threshold because I could not find this piece.
    Dead simple to replace.

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