Endura Staple-On Double Bulb Door Bottom


Sealing your exterior door units is a crucial step in completing an energy-saving sealing envelope around your home.

  • Door bottoms can be cut to length.

Staple-On Double Bulb Door Bottom Installation Instructions


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A common leaking point on door units is the space between the door panel and sill. Even if your door unit is installed in a covered porch/entryway, if you can see light between the panel and sill, your conditioned air is leaking out, and outside air is leaking in, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and increasing related cost. Door bottoms help to increase sealing in this area, but most common door bottoms fall short of making a true difference.

Endura’s Dual Bulb Staple-On Door Bottom delivers the protection of two flexible sealing bulbs, providing a wider, stronger, and longer-lasting seal against air and water infiltration as opposed to standard fin designs. Best of all, its staple-on construction and modest price point deliver a convenient and inexpensive way to seal your door, keeping your controlled interior temperature inside, and keeping external air out for superior energy performance and savings.


What’s included:

  • (1) Staple-On Double Bulb Door Bottom

What does it do?

  • Maintains more surface contact with the sill cap during operation as the bulbs compress
  • The double bulb design and leading-edge allows water to drip away from the door panel, protecting your door from excess water

Product details

  • Endura Part Number: DBSR___
  • Recommended Sweep Margin: 7/16”


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