Endura ADAptive Caulk Seal

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The ADAptive Caulk Strip stops leaks beneath the sill, providing a perfect barrier beneath the sill.

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Starting at: $37.00

Product Overview


ADAptive is an ADA-compliant door sill system that does more and goes further, delivering improved performance, unmatched versatility and a simplified assembly. Tired of service calls or door replacement due to leaking ADAcompliant sills? ADAptive addresses infiltration at its most common sources like beneath the sill. A full-length caulking strip helps installers provide a complete barrier against infiltration beneath the sill. The caulking strip simply snaps into the bottom of the sill.


Where does it go?

  • Snaps into a channel beneath the sill.

What does it do?

  • Endura ADAptive Caulk Strip provides a complete barrier against infiltration beneath the sill.

Product details:

  • Compatible with both the inswing and outswing ADAptive Sills
  • Offered in two sizes and trimmable to fit the length of sill you need.
  • Endura Part Number: RP-ADAPTCAULKSTR__


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