Reinforcing Plates for Trilennium® Multi-Point Lock


Provides a reinforced point of contact for the lock’s deadbolts.

Reinforcing Strike Kit – Installation Instructions


Return Policy: 60 Days



Reinforcing Plates for the Trilennium® Multi-Point Lock provide a reinforced point of contact for the lock’s deadbolts. Engineered with rolling mechanisms, the Reinforcing Plate, behind the strike plate, helps pull the door into perfect alignment with the jamb up to 3/16”, providing additional security to your home.

What’s included:

  • (3) Reinforcing Plates

What does it do?

  • Installed behind the strike plate on a jamb or dummy astragal, the roller on the reinforcing plate pulls the active door panel into alignment up to 3/16”.

Product details

  • Endura Part Number: TC-REINFPLATKIT-_
  • Available in single kits and packs of 5 kits to best meet the needs of your project


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