Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System

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The Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security, and 3x the performance with one multi-point locking system.

  • Strike Plates Sold Separately
  • 2-3/4″ Backset is available with an upcharge and is considered a custom item.
    • Custom items cannot be returned.
  • Please note that your door panel must be routed specifically for the 3000 Lock. The 3000 Lock has a 1″ wide faceplate (instead of the 7/8″ faceplate found on a 3070 Lock).
  • This product does not qualify for overnight shipping.

Trilennium 3000 Lock Replacement Instructions


Stainless Steel, Victorian Bronze

Stainless Steel
Victorian Bronze

Return Policy: 60 Days



We all want to protect our home and the loved ones within, and unfortunately, most standard locking systems don’t make the cut.

The Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System provides ultimate protection and peace of mind. Backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance Trilennium delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security, and 3x the performance with one multi-point locking system. Designed for active door panels, the system features three full deadbolt locks that once activated, pull the door into perfect alignment and cannot be compromised. Plus, even when the lock is not activated, each bolt engages, fighting panel warp at all times.

The innovative I-Beam technology delivers the patented strength of a solid steel construction in one easy to use, easy to install locking system. It not only increases the strength and precision of the lock but when Trilennium is installed it actually strengthens the door edge and prevents warping over the life of the panel.

When protecting your home and locking your entryway door, there is no room for error. With the Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System, strength quality and reliable performance are guaranteed. There is just no comparison.

What’s included:

  • (1) Trilennium 3000 Locking System
  • Installation Screws

What does it do?

  • Unmatched Security – All three bolts engage when the door is closed and when activated, each bolt becomes a deadbolt that cannot be compromised
  • Unparalleled Strength – Patented I-Beam construction delivers the strength of a solid, one-piece lock, that even works to reinforce your door panel.
  • Trilennium Locks can correct door misalignment up to 3/16” through the reinforcing plate technology.

Product details

  • Endura Part Number: TL3000___
  • 1” Faceplate Width
  • Works with a 2-3/8″ Backset
  • 2- 3/4″ Backset available with an upcharge.
  • Strike Kits are not included – For new installation, they must be purchased separately


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System

  1. Scott Owens

    Perfect fit! After 10 years of constant use my old style Trilennium multi point was not functioning properly. The manufacturer walked me thru the changes to the new version and assured me that Better Door was the right company to make the purchase from as a dealer, over $100 less expensive than the their competition. Easy ordering, very thourough follow up on order placement and shipping and best of all a super easy installation of the new multi point and it works perfectly!

  2. Glenn Pickard

    Awesome company! Helped me through the whole process. Replaced the 3 point latched and door works great again.

  3. Paul Holford

    I received the Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System on time to replace the 14 year old original one that came with our house. Cynthia was extremely helpful in seeing that I was ordering the correct product. Thank You Cynthia!!! The system could not have been packaged any better. It probably could have survived a tornado with no damage to the system. Everything matched up and fit perfectly and installation was a snap. It now functions flawlessly. I only wish all companies handled their business as well.

  4. Philip Flaherty

    The web site made it easy to determine the part i needed and shipping was fast and on time, the part was packaged in a bullet proof tube so there was no chance of damage and the part was an exact match and fit perfectly

  5. eric-1355

    I’ve had this same Trilennium model installed in my home since it was built 20 years ago. I have a very heavy door, and have had issues over the years with misalignment, causing us to use very heavy pressure on the handle when opening. Over the years, the handle has become deformed some and the whole assembly doesn’t work quite right, even after we got the door aligned. I searched and found betterdoor. I was a bit nervous with the options, but managed to order the correct model/size. Betterdoor was very easy to work with and my order was packed well and was shipped promptly. I installed it today in about 30 minutes and it opens/closes like butter. A bit of sticker shock, but it was more elsewhere. I guess this is going to outlast me.

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