Endura Aluminum RDS Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System


Z-Series Door Sills are simply the best sills on the market. The Z-Series uses a patented design of all synthetic components that eliminates the worries of wood substrate sills.


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The revolutionary Aluminum RDS Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System features a comprehensive door sill that combines ingenuity and durability to seal your entryway door. The system offers a sill cap that never needs adjusting, integrates end-sealing abilities to account for real-world problems, and a caulk-free application, providing you with an unmatched experience with your door.

The Aluminum Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System flaunts perfect performance in high-heat markets and stops leaks and air infiltration by self-adjusting within the door unit, ultimately saving you time and money. Imperfect margins and surfaces that are not level don’t stand a chance!

Endura Aluminum Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System is the ultimate component and features protection and performance like no other, especially in extreme climate markets.

*While we know it’s fun to door-it-yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to replace your sill system. This product is recommended for uninstalled doors and professional use only. 

This product does not qualify for expedited shipping.

What’s included:

  • (1) Aluminum RDS Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ and Sealing System in the following Lengths Options
    • 2/6 (29-7/8″ – 30-5/16″)
    • 2/8 (31-7/8″ – 32-1/8″)
    • 2/10 (33-1/8″-34-5/16″)
    • 3/0 (35-7/8″ – 36-1/8″)
    • 5/0 (57-15/61″ – 61-15/16″)
    • 5/4 (61/15/16″ – 65-15/16″)
    • 6/0 (69-15/16″ – 71-3/4″)

Where does it go?

  • This system is located directly under the door panel and fastened to the two side jambs.

What does it do?

  • A sill cap with an integrated seal overlaps the front of the aluminum sill dam to provide a barrier against air and moisture and protect the channel from dirt and debris
  • Sill cap plugs hide cap adjustment screws and keep water and dirt away, maintaining adjustability over time
  • Continuous substrate surface that can be cut down to meet your opening

Product details:

  • Aluminum construction prevents warping in high-heat environments
  • Endura Part Number: ZAILAA___


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