Endura Simple Solution™ Corner Pad

The bottom corner of your door unit – where the panel opens and closes and seals against the jamb – is the most crucial point for sealing out air and water.

Unfortunately, problems relating to this area are extremely common. Even if your door unit is installed in a covered porch/entryway, if you can see light between the panel and frame, your conditioned air is leaking out, and outside air is leaking in, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and increasing related cost.

Endura’s Simple Solution™ Corner Pad is a small, simple product with maximum impact. Its unique design first works to counteract upward water pressure within the weatherstrip instead of fighting against it. Second, dual sealing lobes seal between the panel and frame, even with margins as wide as 3/16”, preventing air and water leaks, and sealing in your temperature-controlled interior. Plus, its square, reversible design is easy to install in just a few minutes – no tools required.

With its affordable price point, impressive performance and simple installation process – these sealing pads are a must-have for all exterior door units.


Return Policy: 60 Days

Return Policy: 60 Days


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• This product qualifies for Free Standard Shipping to the contiguous 48 states

• Helps eliminate air and water leaks at the bottom corners of your door unit
• Creates seal between panel and frame for superior protection against air and water infiltration, even when margins are wide
• Counteracts upward water travel within the weatherstrip
• Easy installation – no tools required. Just 5 minutes and a few easy steps.
• A must-have product for all exterior doors

• Endura Part Number: PADCORNER_____

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