Endura L-Shaped Screw-On Door Bottom

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Endura L-Shaped Screw-On Door Bottoms offer a superior barrier against water, air, and dirt.

  • Door bottom sweeps can be cut to length.

L-Shaped Screw On Door Bottom Installation


Beige, Brown, White


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Protecting your home against air and water leaks can be a challenge – particularly where the panel meets the sill. If the area is not properly sealed, energy efficiency is compromised, costing you money and allowing for leaks.

Endura L-Shaped Screw-On Door Bottoms offer a superior barrier against water, air, and dirt. Engineered for steel doors, this door features sealing fins and an added bulb for reliable sealing. The screw-on feature is convenient and easy to install with the minimum tools required. provides stability on the door panel while also delivering a proper seal to your home.

With an innovative design and durable materials, you have a door bottom that you can trust to protect your home.


What’s included:

  • (1) L-Shaped Screw-On Door Bottom

What does it do?

  • Provides a continuous seal along the inside and outside edge of the sill cap to prevent leaks and air infiltration.
  • L-Shape design seals in a comfortable home environment and the bulb seals out exterior air and water for supreme energy performance and savings

Product details

  • Endura Part Number: DB34__


Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Endura L-Shaped Screw-On Door Bottom

  1. Brittany L

    Great product. Bought to fix gap under my door (could see light and bugs coming in). This solved the problem. Was very easy to install (hardest part was removing my ancient door sweep that I was replacing) – didn’t even have to remove door.

  2. Larry

    Was easy to install – directions were very well done. Product quality seems great, time will tell how well it holds together. It would be nice to include some instruction on installing in conjunction with a new adjustable threshold. I set the threshold as low as it would go, then test fitted the door seal as tight to the door bottom as I could get it, and it fit perfectly.

  3. Judy T

    My older custom door needed a new door sweep and I finally found Better Door, which came highly recommended to me by the company that makes all the beautiful glass designs for most of the different custom door companies.
    Great Quality, Fit perfectly and could not find this product anywhere else.

  4. Edward Enriquez

    Delivery was quick and easy. The strip matches the one that was on the door, which was excellent as I didn’t have to drill additional holes into door. The only upsetting part is that the screws provided do not include painted heads to match beige, rather they are just metal.

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