Trilennium 3000, Rectangular, & Strike Kit Bundle

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2-3/4" Backset (+ $300)
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Product Overview


Take the guesswork out of the door components you need by bundling the right products for the job. Combining the Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System, Trilennium® Rectangular Multi-Point Handset, & our Reinforcing Strike Kits for Trilennium® Multi-Point Lock pads creates a smart solution while also saving you money.

What’s included:

  • (1) Trilennium® 3000 Multi-Point Locking System – Designed for active door panels, the system features three full deadbolt locks that once activated, pull the door into perfect alignment and cannot be compromised. Plus, even when the lock is not activated, each bolt engages, fighting panel warp at all times.
  • (1) Trilennium® Rectangular Multi-Point Handset – Flaunts a sleek, contemporary appearance with defined lines that looks great on the Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems.
  • (1) Reinforcing Strike Kits for Trilennium® Multi-Point Lock – Installed above the reinforcing plates, providing a clean appearance along the jamb or dummy astragal.

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