Endura Flip Lever Assembly

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Bronze, White


Return Policy: 60 Days



The Endura Flip Lever Assembly brings ease and simplicity to using a French door unit by providing a single point to activate both upper and lower flush bolts.

• With one simple flip, the flip lever assembly locks or unlocks the spring-loaded flush bolts
• Enhances the accessibility of your door system, eliminating the need to reach up and bend down to lock or unlock your inactive door panel
• Available in Bronze or White to match your astragal system

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Endura Flip Lever Assembly

  1. J Brewster

    After a lot of trouble finding out how to order a replacement flip lever arm assembly from the door distributor to the retailer (Lowe’s), involving photos, extra trips, a large cost and two weeks wait, I searched again and found the manufacturer (Endura), who recommended Betterdoor for parts.
    I ordered from Betterdoor and got it for a very reasonable price in two days, with free shipping! It was a pop-in installation and works great. I have told the industrial park landlord about them, in case they have any issues with other door units on the property.

  2. Bob Wirth

    My story mirrors J Brewster almost exactly. I hunted forever to find the lever. After several phone calls and web searches, we finally stumbled upon betterdoor. One phone call, excellent service, fair price, and arrived quickly. I did the same…told our developer in the event others had the same issue so they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle we did!

  3. W Tuttle

    I looked for about three (3) months searching for the Endura Flip-Lever Assembly not knowing what I was actually looking to find. By chance I put the proper sequence of words in the search that resulted with the proper result. The item was shipped quickly and the tracking allowed me to see it arrive to the wrong zip code (post office error), Betterdoor was eager to replace the item but I gave the post office a little time. The day it arrived, I installed the assembly. The installation was easy but the door wasn’t cooperating at first. The assembly works smoothly.

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