Endura Simple Corner

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Helps eliminate air and water leaks at the top corners of your door unit.

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Starting at: $15.00

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When a door leaks, the most common suspect is the bottom corner of the unit. However, in some instances, the top corner of the door is the true culprit. Whether your door is sagging or bowed, or just not making proper contact with the weatherstrip to seal out air and water, something must be done or leaks will continue.

That’s where Simple Corner comes in. A small product with big impact, the Simple Corner with its life-long foam is installed beneath the weatherstrip in the top corners of your door unit to increase contact and compression between the weatherstrip and panel for a tight, leak-proof seal. Plus, installation is quick and easy – no tools required. With Simple Corner, a leak-proof door unit is just five minutes and a few easy steps away!


What’s included:

  • One Simple Corner Sheet (enough to cover the upper corners of one door opening)

What does it do?

  • Installs behind the weatherstrip in the upper corners of your door unit to increase compression between the door and weatherstrip for a tight seal against water
  • Perfect for older doors showing signs of warp, panel sag and bowing

Product details:

  • Constructed of a Life-Long Foam for superior, reliable performance
  • Endura Part Number: SIMPLECORNER
  • Easy installation – just five minutes and a few simple steps
  • Each pair of Simple Corners are conveniently packaged on a single, square backing for easy removal and application


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