Trilennium® Magnum Bolt


Features maximum protection against weather or forced entry.

Magnum Bolts – Installation Instructions

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Trilennium® Magnum Bolts feature maximum protection and resistance against wind loads and forced entry. These bolts improve the security of your door system by securely locking the inactive door panel and adding another dimension of locking strength. With the stamped steel Magnum Bolt, your home is protected against outside intruders time and time again.

Magnum Bolts are the perfect addition to any 6’-8” door or 8’ doors and offer an additional element of protection to your entry door.

What’s included:

  • (1) Magnum Bolt

Where does it go?

  • Routed pockets on a top or bottom of a dummy astragal installed on the active panel.

What does it do?

  • Magnum Bolts are manually slid into the header or sill of a French door system to lock the door and protect the home from weather or forced entry

Product details

  • Endura Part Number: MAGNUMBLT-_
  • Stamped Steel Bolt; Bronze-finish extruded aluminum housing
  • Available for both 6’8” doors or 8’ doors


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