Trilennium® 3500 Multi-Point Locking System



Stainless Steel, Victorian Bronze

Stainless Steel
Victorian Bronze

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We all want to protect our home and the loved ones within, and unfortunately, most standard locking systems don’t make the cut.

The Trilennium® 3500 Multi-Point Locking System provides you with unmatched security and peace of mind with your double door system. This locking system provides five total locking points including three deadbolts and two additional locking points at the frame header and sill. Designed for active door panels, the multi-point locking system runs the entire length of the door stile delivering maximum strength and security within the Trilennium® Lock Series. Once all Trilennium® bolts are engaged, you have a deadbolt system that cannot be compromised.

The innovative I-Beam technology delivers the patented strength of a solid steel construction in one easy to use, easy to install locking system. It not only increases the strength and precision of the lock but when Trilennium® is installed it actually strengthens the door edge and prevents warping over the life of the panel.

When protecting your home and locking your entryway door, there is no room for error. With the Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System strength quality and reliable performance are guaranteed. There is just no comparison.

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