Trilennium® 3020 Multi-Point Locking System



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Securing your home from intruders is a top priority for homeowners, and your front door can be a vulnerable and unprotected without a durable locking system with unmatched performance.

The Trilennium® 3020 Multi-Point Locking System provides you with the ultimate sense of security. Designed for inactive door panels, the locking system engages the frame, header, and sill in double door systems, providing ultimate protection. The innovative patented I-Beam technology overcomes inherent inactive door panel weakness and eliminates deflection. The system also features a solid metal cup for the deadbolt. These features greatly increase the security and performance of the inactive door panel.

When protecting your home and locking your entryway door, there is no room for error. With the Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System, strength quality and reliable performance are guaranteed. There is just no comparison.

*Please note that your door panel must be routed specifically for the 3020 Lock.

**This is a custom product and we will contact you within 2 business days of your order to accurately size the lock you need. This product does not qualify for overnight shipping.

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