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Endura Ultimate Hurricane Astragal Flush Bolt


Bronze, White

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The Endura Ultimate Hurricane Flush Bolt eliminates air and water infiltration and features ultimate performance in high-velocity wind zones.

French Door
Universal Swing
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Starting at: $20.00

Product Overview


The steel-reinforced 24″ Ultimate Hurricane Flush Bolt provides the strongest protection within the Endura Ultimate Hurricane Astragal System. These patented locking mechanisms lock the inactive French door into the sill and header, allowing you to feel good about the security of your home.

• 24″ Steel Reinforced Flush Bolt engineered for stability – excellent performance in high-velocity wind zones
• Easy-to-operate turn dial design to lock and unlock your Ultimate Hurricane Astragal with ease.
• Floating boot prevents excessive rubbing and wear that leads to poor performance


What’s included:

  • (1) Ultimate Hurricane Astragal Flush Bolt

Where does it go?

  • Located within the Ultimate Hurricane Astragal System, this bolt would be at the top or bottom of the inactive door.

What does it do?

  • Flush bolts are manually slid into the header or sill of a French door system to lock the door and protect the home from weather or forced entry
  • The floating boot on the bolt seals against the sill or header and when the door is unlocked, does not drag or get damaged

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: RPAST-HUR-BOLT-____
  • Designed for the older Ultimate Hurricane Astragal Systems (available prior to November 2017)
  • Does not include the Narrow Adhesive Simple Solution Corner Pad – this is recommended for lower shoot bolts to seal between the bottom of the two door panels.


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