Endura Ultimate Astragal Flush Bolt


Prevents unlocking from the outside and eliminates water and air infiltration into the home.

Ultimate Astragal Flush Bolt Replacement Instructions




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The 24″ Ultimate Astragal Flush Bolt secures your inactive French door panel into the sill and header with ease. Securing your French Door System, the Flush Bolts have a durable, padded floating boot that lifts to prevent excessive rubbing, eliminates leaks, and stops air drafts.

  • 24″ Flush Bolt engineered to seal your door system from water and air infiltration
  • Easy-to-operate turn dial design to lock and unlock your Ultimate Astragal System with ease
  • The bolt’s floating boot prevents excessive rubbing and wear that can lead to poor performance

What’s included:

  • (1) Ultimate Astragal Flush Bolt

Where does it go?

  • Located within the Ultimate Astragal System, this bolt would be at the top or bottom of the aluminum channel on the inactive door panel.

What does it do?

  • Flush bolts are manually slid into the header or sill of a French door system to lock the door and protect the home from weather or forced entry
  • The floating boot on the bolt seals against the sill or header and when the door is unlocked does not drag or get damaged

Product details:

  • Endura Part Number: RPAST-ULT-BOLT-___
  • Designed for the older style Ultimate Astragal System (prior to November 2017)
  • Does not include the Narrow Adhesive Simple Solution Corner Pad – this is recommended for lower shoot bolts to seal between the bottom of the two-door panels.


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