Endura Ultimate Trilennium® Astragal System



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The Ultimate Trilennium Astragal complements the Triennium Multi-Point Locks on the active door, for uncompromised security and ultimate protection from your French door system.

• Complements the unmatched strength and security of the Trilennium MultiPoint Locking System.
• Built-in flip lever locks and unlocks the astragal in one easy motion for enhanced accessibility and ultimate satisfaction.
• Astragal boot lifts clear of the sill when operating the inactive door panel, preventing rubbing, wear and damage, common in other astragal products.
• Corner pad, weatherstrip and sealing fin trim all work together to fight infiltration from top to bottom.

• Can only be used with Trilennium 3000, 3070, or 3500 Active Locking Systems.
• Requires routing of the inactive panel for the bolts to properly lock.
• Custom product that requires you to know the height of the door panel and deadbolt location.

Custom Product – Cannot be Returned

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