Endura Oak Adjustable Cap

Length Options

36.5", 74.25"

(3 customer reviews)

Starting at: $17.50

Designed to be replacement caps for Endura’s Traditional Oak Adjustable Sills.

French Door
Single Door
Unlimited Cut Down
10" Screw Spacing
Return Eligible

Product Options


Return Policy: 60 Days

Starting at: $17.50

Product Overview


The Endura Oak Adjustable Cap provides a streamlined oak cap surface, completing the look of your threshold.

• The corrosion-free screws make adjusting your sill simple, ensuring the cap is positioned against the bottom of the door panel to prevent water and air infiltration
• Available in two heights (Low Profile or High Profile) to best replace your damaged cap


What’s included:

  • (1) 36.5” or 74.25” sill cap

Where does it go?

  • This cap is fastened into the substrate between the nosing and aluminum sill deck, sitting under the inswing door panel

What does it do?

  • Built-in corrosion-resistant screws, spaced 10” apart, allow for easy adjustment to ensure a tight seal against the bottom of the door panel.
  • Available in two cap heights (Low Profile or High Profile) to best match your current sill system, the sill cap creates a seal against air and water infiltration.

Product details:

  • Manufactured with real Oak for beautiful, authentic appearance
  • Endura Part Number: RPCAP-ADJ-LP/HP


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Endura Oak Adjustable Cap

  1. Chris Woodard

    Purchased one of these after much web surfing. The workmanship is excellent. I had hoped the screw spacing for these and all threshholds was standardized, alas it was not. I will have to carefully measure and drill and tap all four holes in my threshhold in an attempt to match the screw spacing in this cap. Wish me luck…

  2. Dave B.

    Exact replacement and this is the only place I could find them! Stained, poly’d, and easy install made threshold look like brand new.

  3. James

    Fast delivery of high quality products. Excellent support for any and all questions regarding products.

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