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Archive for the ‘Product Spotlight’ Category

Product Spotlight: Ultimate Flip Lever™ Astragal

This summer will be filled with warm weather and outdoor activities for the entire family, and making sure your French door is safe and accessible is more important than ever. The Ultimate Flip Lever™ Astragal from Endura Products secures your French door and with one easy motion, eliminating the reaching and bending required to operate standard astragal…

All About Astragals

French doors are a beautiful addition to your home that create visual interest while also functioning as a doorway to outdoor living spaces. These configurations allow natural light to brighten indoor spaces and also let summer breezes pass through when open. Although French doors are a beautiful way to showcase your home, French doors contain…

Corner Pads: Small Product, Big Impact

Have you ever noticed drafts or leaks at your front door? Maybe even light peeping through the sides at the frame? You may not have a secure seal around your entryway door. Here, there’s a few things to consider when sealing your door, but one component in particular gets overlooked time and time again: the…

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