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Archive for the ‘BetterDoor’ Category

Happy Birthday, BetterDoor!

In 2016, the BetterDoor team realized that there were not many resources that encouraged and helped homeowners and DIYers tackle door projects on their own. So, we decided to fix that! Months of brainstorming and planning went by, and on October 17th, 2016, BetterDoor.com was launched and ready to help you improve your doors. A…

More Than a Door

What does your door mean to you? Some may say a door means protection against dangerous intruders. Others might say a door keeps small critters outside, meaning spider-free peace of mind. A mother may think of opening the door for her newborn’s first visit home, while fathers likely remember a knock on the door from…

From Broken Door to BetterDoor #LoveYourDoor

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s the first day of February and the BetterDoor team wants to hear from you! Have you finished that weekend project or made a few updates to your door? Whether you’ve added some new paint or updated your door components, now is the perfect time to door-it-yourself! BetterDoor is always working to…

Welcome to BetterDoor!

Hey there! Welcome to BetterDoor.com! We’re so glad to have you on the site and we’re super excited to get started with you. After realizing how there were not many resources that encouraged homeowners and DIYers to tackle projects on their own, we decided to fix that. We spent weeks brainstorming and planning all things doors…

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